September 9, 2020

First Look Alternatives

I am personally a big fan of first looks! However, I get that not every couple wants to go this route. So here are some first look alternatives to consider before you say “I do.”

first touch

5 first look alternatives:

First Touch

  • Ever been stressed, call your babe, and it helps you relax and breathe? I know I have. Hello wedding day jitters! This is when a first touch is the best thing ever. A time to hold hands, cry, laugh, and let the wedding day jitters fall away.

Letter Exchange

  • Have you ever been so welled up with emotion and love and admiration for someone but fell short on words? This is such a sweet moment to share your heart and your love towards your soon to be spouse. 

Private Vow Reading

  • Vows can be such an intimate things, especially if you’re writing your own. Maybe you want your vows to stay intimate instead of voicing them in front of others. Feel free to read personal vows in private, then traditional vows for the ceremony.

Gift Exchange

  • Got a special gift for your love? Exchanging gifts before you say “I do” can be so special AND fun. Ladies…this can be a great time to get that boudoir album for your man! 

Private Prayer

  • As a follower of Jesus, I believe that marriage is a covenant between a man, his wife, and God. This can be a sweet time to pray and thank God for His goodness and faithfulness and provision throughout each of your lives. A time to pray over your marriage and the things to come.
First look alternative

I hope you find these first look alternatives inspiring and helpful when planning your day! These are all beautiful and intimate ways to spend time with your soon-to-be spouse without seeing their face just yet. And don’t feel bound by just one of these. You can do one or you can do all!It’s YOUR day so don’t forget that you can make it YOURS. I hope these ideas help you brainstorm how you would like your day to look prior to walking down the aisle.

If you’re still on not sure if you want to have a first look, check out this blog post HERE on why I love (and recommend) having a first look.


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first look alternative
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  1. Thank you so much for posting tips for first looks! My honey is shy and I am not- so of course I’ve always dreamed of my groom crying his eye balls out when he sees me in front of our friends and family but that isn’t always realistic. I have always considered a first look but I felt so cliché- now I have more options!!!

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