5 FREE educational resources for photographers. Free education resources for photographers. Get photography education without spending thousands of dollars.

November 11, 2022

5 FREE educational resources for photographers

Feeling stuck? Uninspired? Or maybe you just want to always keep learning? I gotchu! This blog post (obviously) has 5 FREE educational resources for photographers! Because you don’t have to spend thousandssss of $$$ in order to learn and grow!

Now, where the heck do you find these free educational resources?! I’m here to help! Now, jump in, write these down, and utilize these 5 free resources!


If you’re a reader, this is for you! If you’re not a reader, this is also for you! My dad said it growing up, and you’ve probably hear iot as well, but it’s TRUE… LEADERS ARE READERS! If you want to be a leader in life, in your industry, etc… become a reader. Even if it takes you foreverrrrr to read a book. Do a chapter a week. Make it tangible, enjoyable, and attainable. If you’re not a reader (ME), don’t suffocate yourself and try to go from reading hardly at all to trying to read a book a week. HA, I have done this goal and it failed miserablyyyyy. I am not naturally a big reader, so setting a tangible, small goal is key.

Now you may be thinking “Sulli, books aren’t free.” And to that I say…

THE LIBRARYYY!!! Library cards are FREE and you get access to soooo many amazing books!

You non-readers thought you had me with this one 😉

Unscripted App

Ok, this app is a HIDDEN GEM! I found out about Unscripted a few years ago as they were just getting started. Not many people knew about them. Since then, they have popped offfff! If you haven’t heard of it, now you know, so RUN and download it!

It’s free, but does have an upgrade available that I find SO valuable. But if you don’t want to make the purchase, the free version is still 10/10.


If you aren’t a book gal, podcasts could be your new BFF. There are SUCH amazing, educational podcasts out there for photographers. That is HOURSSSS of free information! Now, you have to put to work the strategies and education they pour out, but if you do, I know you’ll find them invaluable!

Some of my personal favorites:

  • SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley
  • The Heart & Hustle Podcast
  • Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher
  • Oh Shoot with Cassidy Lynne
  • Passion With Purpose with Nathan Chanski
  • Take It From Us with Dawn Charles & Emily Magers
  • The Rooted Creative with Dani Purington

ALSOOO I made you something 😉 A PODCAST PLAYLIST! (SAY WHAAAAAAT!?!?!) So cool, right!? I will continually be adding podcast episodes to this playlist that I find SO good + essential for photographers. From tangible action items you can implement immediately, to HEART work and affirmation topics to speak truth into you as a business owner. Because both of those are absolutely necessary and important. CHECK OUT THE PODCAST PLAYLIST HERE!


Don’t forget about good ol’ YouTube! I honestly do LOL. I completely forget there are AMAZINGGG educational YouTube channels out there who are pouring out a WEALTH of knowledge! Utilize it! I don’t have too many YouTubers I heavily follow along with specifically, but search up what you want to learn and go from there! From flash settings, learning your camera, deciding what upgrade to make next, etc, there is a video for it all!

Blog Posts

I said it before, I’ll say it again… READ READ READ! If you don’t want to purchase business/educational books, start with blog posts! Go to photographers you know and love, and read any educational content they have available! See what they say, and implement what you learn.


I hope you utilize the free resources you have at hand! Don’t underestimate… there is SO much you can learn from resources you have free access to! Once you feel like you need something more, THEN jump into a mentor session or course to get YOU-SPECIFIC help and advice and guidance!! NOW, get out and use these 5 FREE educational resources for photographers!

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