Frequent questions

What happens after we contact you?

After you contact me, you should hear back within 3 business days.
I'll send you a brochure with my packages & pricing!
From there, we'll schedule a facetime or zoom call so we can meet, chat about ya'll's day, and I can answer any questions you may have! If you feel like i'm a good fit for y'all's day, we'll move forward to make things OFFICIALLLL!!

How does payment work?

All payments are made through Honeybook, an online client system. 
The initial payment is 35% to save your date!
From there, I have 3 payment plan options I provide to make it super flexible depending on each couple's need.
Full amount is due 30 days prior to booked date.

Do you do payment plans?

YES! Just say the word and I can set you up with a payment plan!
My standard is 35% retainer to save your date, then the remaining amount is due 1 month prior to the wedding date. If you'd like more payments between those two, let me know!

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

If for some reason you need to reschedule your booked date, there is a short grace period after booking where no extra fees will be due. Outside of that time frame, a new retainer will be required to reserve your new date. 
Upon a full cancellation, the retainer is legally non-refundable.

What if something happens and you can’t make it to our wedding?

Hopefully this doesn’t happen because that would mean I’m dealing with an emergency. However, in this circumstance, I want you to know that I have your back. I have such a wonderful network of photographers and would personally find and pay someone who I trust and know would do an equally wonderful job. 

How do I receive my photos?

You’ll receive your photos through a link where you can download your high-resolution images and order alllll the prints!

How many photos will we receive?

For couple sessions I deliver an average of 100 images. For elopements, I deliver an average of 300 images.
For a weddings, I deliver at least an average of 700 images. I don’t put a cap on how many images I deliver, which guarantees you’ll get the best of everything I captured.

Do you give the RAW unedited images?

Nope! There would be no use in that. When you hire me, you're choosing the art of what I do, not just to show up and take photos. If you want unedited images, that's when you whip out that iPhone ;)

Can you photoshop us?

Nope. I'm not into what isn't real life. Here’s why... I’m not about trying to change what's already beautiful. If you're looking for someone to change your natural appearance, I’m not for you.
NOW, if there are small things that aren’t always there - like that darn zit that just HAD to show up the week of your shoot, I gotchu. 

What do we wear during our session?

SO GLAD YOU ASKED!! I send a detailed outfit guide email to all my couples to help with this very thing!! 

Do you travel?

HECK YES! Traveling is probably one of my favorite parts of what I do. I’m down to go anywhere and everywhere! Wherever you are, I’m ready to go!

How much do you charge for travel?

Do you have a travel schedule?

How do we pick a location for our session?

I've got your back on this! 
We will have a session planning call to chat and dream up what you want your experience to look and feel like.
I have lots of locations I know and love, and am also down for adventure somewhere we've both never been!

What if you’ve never been to our location before?

It’s highly likely that I haven’t. I’m just one girl who’s trying to see the world, but there’s SO much world to see!! If you're out of state, I’ll always arrive at least one day before our session and spend the whole day scouting it out! Best part? Y’all are MORE THAN WELCOME to join me! We can grab lunch, go scout out the location together, and maybe grab ice cream after!