I SO remember being at the very beginning...
Feeling like I wanted to get into photography as my job, getting my first REAL professional camera, and thinking "ok, what now?"  

I would LOVE to come alongside you and help you figure out the next steps! 

If you're a seasoned photographer who's burnt out, needing direction, and looking to dive deeper to grow your business, this is for you!!
Or maybe you're JUST starting the business you've had on your heart for a while... I'm also HERE. FOR. YOU!

We can go over social media, branding, blogging, booking process, emails, questionnaires, client experience, timeline creation, posing, camera settings, and you can pick my brain on anything else!

If your heart is beating fast because you're ready to make this next move and get some help, LET'S CONNECT!! I would LOVE to chat with you, encourage you, and help you in this next season!

You're here for a reason...

for the dreamers

Now this is specifically for my photographer gals! We'll meet up, grab coffee, and talk all things photography! This is also Q&A style so come ready with your questions + your laptop + a journal and we'll get right to it!! Topics can be anything regarding editing, posing, email communication, how to get more bookings, social media marketing, etc! Then we'll actually get out on the field and shoot together!

IN-PERSON SESSION | $400 | 4 Hours


This is for my gals who are ready for some Q&A time! You’ll be able to pick my brain on a wide range of questions!! Topics can be anything from posing, prompting, client communication, how to organize your hard drive, how to make your clients comfortable, how to find locations, editing! If you're not a photographer, you're still welcome! Bring your questions on how to start business, how to build a website, when to invest in your business, etc! 

SKYPE SESSION | $175  | 2 Hours


Mentor Sessions

You ready for what's next!?

I am SO excited to connect with you and help you in the next steps of your business journey!! If that's helping grow or helping start from square one... i'm HERE FOR YOU!
Cannot wait to chat and see how you RUN WITH IT!