Over the years, I have become so crazy passionate about ENCOURAGING and EQUIPPING women to step into their God-given dreams and gifts! When I was starting out, I remember how grateful I was to have people who knew more pour into me, encourage me, and direct me. It meant so much to me to have real life people who I could consistently count on to encourage me and give me tangible steps to further my business goals and dreams. YouTube is GREAT, but I want this to be more personal. I’m in your corner and ready to see you kick butt and succeed!  

You ready to get at it!?


Now this is specifically for my photographer gals! We'll meet up, grab coffee, and talk all things photography! This is also Q&A style so come ready with your questions + your laptop + a journal and we'll get right to it!! Topics can be anything regarding editing, posing, email communication, how to get more bookings, social media marketing, etc! Then we'll actually get out on the field and shoot together!

IN-PERSON SESSION | $250  | 4 Hours


This is for my gals who are ready for some Q&A time! You’ll be able to pick my brain on a wide range of questions!! Topics can be anything from posing, prompting, client communication, how to organize your hard drive, how to make your clients comfortable, how to find locations, editing! If you're not a photographer, you're still welcome! Bring your questions on how to start business, how to build a website, when to invest in your business, etc! 

SKYPE SESSION | $75  | 1 Hour


HECK YESSS! You’re starting your business and that is flippin AWESOME! But girl, i’ve been in your shoes. You have questions, you need help, and you feel stuck in a rut; you want to be refreshed, inspired, and encouraged. Well gal, you’re in the right place. I would LOVE to meet you, help you, and encourage you! Sometimes all it takes is someone to come alongside you, help you get unstuck, and kickstart you into your dreams! Buy only YOU can take that first step! You ready to invest in your business and kick some butt!?

Mentor Sessions

You ready for this!?

I am SO beyond stoked to talk to you!
After you send this my way, you'll hear back from me within 24 hours (unless it's the weekend because that's my rest time ;) and we'll get this partyyyy starteddddd!! GOSH DANG I can't wait!! Talk to ya soon!