May 14, 2021




DIY 8 foot IKEA desk, let’s go!

Recently my husband got the exciting chance to start his own business (YAYYY) and that also means working from home (ANOTHER BIG YAY!)

With that, we needed a space for us BOTH to work… but if you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know that extra space just is not a thing. And for me to put something in our living room, it’s gotta be functional AND cute (aesthetic matters, people).

THEN, I remembered my friends, The Hardins built this 2-person desk from IKEA…

so NATURALLY, what do you do when someone does something and it looks BOMB?


We purchased everything online, but realized we didn’t have a car long enough for the countertop. That’s where my AMAZING sis-in-love steps in. Her and I decided to make an afternoon out of it. I had never been to IKEA, and she hadn’t been in foreverrrr, so why not have a gals trip!

We got to IKEA in her bomb mini-van, then we perused for a whileeee. And y’all, I gotta admit…

SO many people hype up IKEA and we did not understand why. If you’ve never been, IKEA puts you in this trail that takes you through alllll the things. And you have to walk this whole trail to get to the end. At first it was kinda fun because we were just killing time, but then we got tired of feeling like we were in a giant maze! And you didn’t know where the end was! Honestly it got kinda stressful and claustrophobic as time went by.


We finished our sight-seeing, furniture-gazing, and maze-walking, and it was finally time to pick up the goods!!!!!!

SOOOO here’s what we got!


FIRST UP, we have the countertop! It’s the Saljan Countertop from IKEA. It was $69.99, and we got the 98×1/2″.

NEXT, we have the drawers! We got 2 Alex Drawers from IKEA. They were $79.00/each, $158 total.

LASTLY, the legs! We got the Adils table legs from IKEA. They were $4/each, $16 total. These DO come with the screws 😉

The total came out to $243 !!!

A STEAL in my opinion! It’s so dang cute AND very functional! It’s hard to find a desk that comes with a good amount of drawers, is super cute, and isn’t bulky looking.

and BOOM, there ya have it! A DIY 8 foot IKEA desk for 2 people, AND less than $300!


  • make sure you have a vehicle big enough
  • TAKE SOMEONE W YOU TO PICK UP! the countertop is danggggg heavy! but if we can do it, so can you. we (somehow, by the grace of God) got it up to our 3rd floor apartment!
  • follow the directions and pictures closely !! there are some pieces that are practically impossible to get off once they’re there… let’s just say I made a mistake along the way that no one will ever notice unless we didn’t have the countertop on top (lol, I put the drawer bottom on top… WHOOPS!)
  • YOU GOT THIS!! If you do this, feel free to tag us! @sullitaylorlich we LOVE to see y’all’s successes and celebrate w you! PLUS, we love a good DIY 😉

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