August 19, 2022

Grassy Field Engagement Session in Montgomery, Texas | Scott + Makayla



A peek into Scott & Makayla’s Montgomery, Texas engagement session!

The day Scott & Makayla’s reached out, they said a few things that told me we’d be a great fit…
“We would love to have someone who is really fun and outgoing.”
“We love a natural look with warm tones.”

THENNNNN they said…

“tacos guac our world”

A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN :’) that is the moment I knew we would be besties for SURE.

The Session

For their engagement session, Scott and Makayla wanted grassy field with that warm golden light. Let me tell you… IT WAS PERFECTTTTT. A true dream, honestly. They showed up looking SO good in their jeans, neutral tops, and Scott in his brand new WHITE shoes… can you see where this is going?

The ground was a little damp in some spots, and a little muddy in others…
In one of the walking moments, Scott’s foot stepped RIGHT in a muddy patch and is new Converse took a hit. Scott was such a trooper and goes “It honestly looks kinda cool.”
Hahaha I love my couples. Care-free, wild at heart, and laughing at life’s craziness.
Peep the shoe smudge in one of the pics LOL.

All through there session I promise you they forgot I was there. It felt like I was just getting to witness and photograph a whimsical, adventurous date night. In every moment Scott and Makayla look at each other with such deep affection, it is so dang precious.

After our session, we ended up chatting for 45 minutes in the parking lot after their session LOL.
From inquiry to engagement to wedding day, I love getting to know them and capture who they are + how they love one another.

Alsoooo… they NAILED their outfits!! A perfect example of less is more. The simplicity of their first outfit with the jeans and cream tops… UGH, LOVE. If you need some help planning your session fits, I got you! I send all my couples an entire outfit guide so that you can be confident to NAIL your session fits!

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  1. Ben Lichnovsky says:

    I love the colors!

  2. Josh hardwick says:

    These are fire 🔥 your colors are on a different planet

  3. Emily says:

    Such a cute couple and these photos are beautiful!

  4. Emily J says:

    Amaaaaaazijg photos!!

  5. Grace Bailey says:

    LOVE THESE PHOTOS. The love and personality you are able to capture is unreal!!

  6. Makayla Steele says:

    Pretty much the cutest photos from the Greatest Photographer.
    Also Obvs the best name for this client 😏

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